International Journal of Educational Media and Technology Volume 1 Number 1, 2007
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  Original Papers
    Hiroo Saga: A Reflective View on the Digital Transformation of Words in Learning
    Ji-Yon Lee and YoungHwan Kim: A Study on the Development of Performance Model for
     International Education Cooperative Projects based on Online Learning Community
    Hyungshin Choi and Myunghee Kang: Analyzing Mediated-Action with Activity Theory in a
     Digital Learning Community
    Insook Lee, Hyunju Jeung and Hyeokjun Kwon: The Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity &
     Promotion's e-Learning Initiatives to Bridge the Digital Divide in South Korea
    Insung Jung: Innovative Practices of Distance Education (including e-Learning) in Asia and the
    Tadashi Inagaki: Worksheets for designing Inter-School Collaborative Learning based on the
     Instructional Design Model
    Yukari Kato: Different Evaluations of Reading Support System between Foreign Students and
     Japanese Teachers
    Tomomi Sato: Proposal for a Network Communication Environment to Support Daily Dialogue
     between Young Children and Grandparents