International Journal of Educational Media and Technology Volume 10 Number 1, 2016
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  Yuichi Kageto, Makoto Kageto :
International Collaborative Learning, focusing on Asian English Framework
  Mary E.O. Kimura, Bert Y. Kimura, Kenichi Kubota, Curtis P. Ho :
Kansai - Hawaii Collaborative Video Project: Student-centered, authentic and project-based learning
  Bert Y. Kimura, Curtis P. Ho :
The TCC Worldwide Online Conference: Twenty Years of Affordable, Timely Professional Development
  Gary A. Kirkpatrick :
Improving Feedback to English as Second Language Students in Presentation Classes
  Wakio Oyanagi, Yasushi Satake :
Capacity Building in Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Preservice Teacher
  Katsuaki Suzuki, Junko Nemoto :
Is Design-based Research desirable and feasible methodology for educational media and technology ?
  Ryota Yamamoto, Haruna Sekimoto :
Studying a Tele-Presence Robot Installed into a Hospital Classroom