International Journal of Educational Media and Technology Volume 10 Number 2, 2016
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  Henri Annala, Sietske Fopma, Marianna Leikomaa:
Building an International, Cross-disciplinary, Collaborative On-line English Course Focusing on Advanced Listening and Speaking Skills and Cross-cultural Communication
  Danilo M. Baylen, V. Michelle Michael, Rosalind Duplechain:
Technology-Based Resources to Support Learning How to Diagnose and Correct Math Errors
  Jacquelyn Chappel:
“With Tension comes a little work”: Safety and Privacy in the Online Classroom Space
  Dorothy Hirata:
A Case Study Preparing Online Instructors Seven to Ten Years Later
  Michael-Brian C. Ogawa, Martha E. Crosby:
Facilitating Interaction and Innovation in Educational On-line Communities
  Seungoh Paek, Lori A. Fulton:
Writing in Digital Science Notebooks: What Features Do Elementary Students use?
  João Paz, Alda Pereira:
Regulation of Learning as Distributed Teaching Presence in the Community of Inquiry Framework
  Matthew Schmidt, Curtis P. Ho:
Realizing the promise of mobile devices in a one-to-one iPad initiative: Perspectives from a dual-licensure teacher preparation program in Hawaii