International Journal of Educational Media and Technology Volume 11 Number 2, 2017
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  ◆Guest Editors’ Note
  Curtis P. Ho and Bert Kimura


  ◆Original Papers
  Vanessa P. Dennen, Michelle L. Cates, Lauren M. Bagdy:
Using Diigo to Engage Learners in Course Readings: Learning Design and Formative Evaluation
  Peter Conrad:
Taking the Pulse of the Online Classroom: Data-based Student Engagement
  Danilo M. Baylen, Erin Duckett, Elvira Arellano:
Concept Mapping as Note-Taking Strategy in University Science Courses
  Seungoh Paek, Catherine Fulford:
Learning Instructional Design in a Flipped Classroom: A Comparison of Online and Face-to-Face Formats
  Waynele Yu:
STEMS2, Social Presence and Sense of Place in a Hybrid Distance Program