International Journal of Educational Media and Technology Volume 4 Number 1, 2010
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  Cheolil Lim, Kyungsun Park and Miyoung Hong :
An Instructional Model with an Online Support System for Creative Problem Solving
  Kosuke Terashima, Takako Koshimizu and Takashi Fujiki :
Analysis of Metacognitive Knowledge in the Process of Information Use
  Jong-Yeon Lee, Yang Mi Koo and Woojin Paik :
Development and Implementation of a Web-based Tool to Support Creative Problem Solving (CPS)
  Ryota Yamamoto and Kenichi Kubota :
Designing Collaborative Learning Environment in Higher Education
  Nu Nu Wai, Kenichi Kubota and Makiko Kishi :
Strengthening Learner-Centered Approach (LCA) in Myanmar Primary School Teacher Training: Can Initial Practices of LCA Be Seen?
  Hye-Jung Lee and Hyoseon Choi :
Differences of Using Learing Strategies in Higher Education: By SAT, GPA, and On/Off line Environments
  Makoto Kageto and Shinichi Sato :
Rethinking the University Learning Environment: How to Enrich Students’ Education through a Constructivist Learning Environment
  Mi Lee Ahn and Yun Ja Hwang :
How Accessible is EDUNET Contents?
  Sung-ho Kwon, Hyunsook Oh, Haruo Kurokami and Kim Kaziki :
A Study of a Scaffolding Support Strategy for Effective Global Interactive Learning: Global Interactive Learning Practice between Japanese Children and Korean Adults
  Tae Yong Baek and Hee ok Heo :
Research Trends in Game-based Learning