International Journal of Educational Media and Technology Volume 9 Number 1, 2015
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  ◆Invited Papers
  Zoraini Wati Abas:
Fostering Learning in the 21st Century through Student Engagement
  ◆Original Papers
  Shinichi Sato, Makoto Kageto :
Analysis of an International Project-Based Learning Collaboration Using the Community of Inquiry Framework
  Vanessa P. Dennen, Jiyae Bong :
Behind the Scenes of an Independent MOOC: Instructional Design Problems and Solutions
  Kyubok Cho, Youngae Kim, Kyounghwa Chae :
Analysis of the learning effects of knowledge acquisition in science class using a user-created robot
  Ji Hye Kang, Ji-Yeon Lee :
Topic Analysis of Messages Posted in Flipped Learning Network between 2012-2014
  Makiko Kishi, Kikuko Miyake, Kenichi Kubota, Li Kedong :
Collaborative Research on Applying the Graphic Organizer as an Instructional Method -A Case Study of In-Service Training for Developing Higher Order Cognitive Skills for Chinese Elementary School Teachers-
  Roberto B. Figueroa Jr, Emely M. Amoloza :
Addressing Programming Anxiety among Non-Computer Science Distance Learners: A UPOU Case Study
  Shijuan Wang, Masao Murota :
Creativity Development Conception and Execution in Chinese High School ICT Classes
  ◆Roundtable Papers (Non-refereed)
  Tomomi Takabayashi :
Media Use as an Element of Self-directed Learning:The Learning Strategies and Media-Related Behaviors of Japanese University Students
  Gibran Alejandro Garcia Mendoza :
Space-related Factors that Affect Performance in Online Forums
  Kazuya Ishikawa, Atsuki Kakiuchi, Jeong ah woo, Dahyang Kim :
The Learners’ Perspective: Key Factors in the Success of Higher-Level Active Learning
  Ai Fujishiro, Nobukuni Yamaguchi, Ayaka Shinmei, Makiko Kishi :
The process of developing a collaborative working relationship in an intercultural collaborative project using ICT