International Journal of Educational Media and Technology Volume 11 Number 1, 2017
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  ◆Original Papers
  Jiansheng Li:
Media Use and School Performance
  Gibran Alejandro Garcia Mendoza, Insung Jung, Shota Kobayashi:
A Review of Empirical Studies on MOOC Adoption: Applying the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology
  Junko Nemoto, Akiko Takahashi, Atsue Takeoka, Hiroshi Nakano, Katsuaki Suzuki:
Designing and Evaluating “Portfolio Practice I,” a Course for Online Graduate Students
  Masaki Nakamichi, Junko Nemoto, Toshihiro Kita, Hiroshi Nakano, Katsuaki Suzuki:
A Case Study of the University-wide Effects of e-learning Promotion Activities
  Yuki Ichimura, Katsuaki Suzuki:
Dimensions of MOOCs for Quality Design: Analysis and Synthesis of the Literature
  Toru Nagahama, Yusuke Morita:
Effect Analysis of Playback Speed for Lecture Video Including Instructor Images
  Tomomi Takabayashi:
Expectations of learning media for self-directed learning
  Yongjin Lee, Jiwon Kim, Chiu-Yin Wong:
Developing Pre-service Teachers’ Understanding of Good Teaching: A Global Collaborative Project Using Online Discussion
  Kyubok Cho:
Analysis of Teacher Perceptions of Digital Textbook Use in Korea Pilot Schools
  Gary A. Kirkpatrick:
A Look into a Short Term Study Abroad Program
  Peter W. Roux, Katsuaki Suzuki:
Designing Online Instruction for Developing Cultural Intelligence (CQ): A Report from a Classroom-Based Workshop
  Mayumi Kubota, Julius G. Garcia:
Creating and Maintaining Filipino and Japanese Students’ Social Capital with Facebook
  Yoshiro Miyata, Tat Hing Alex Ho:
World Connection Project - Hong Kong Youths Meet Nature in Japan -
  Yoko Noborimoto, Shiori Ito, Yoshifumi Goto, Tatsuya Horita:
Effect of Copy Machines in a School Library on Students’ Inquiry-based Learning


  ◆Roundtable Papers (Non-refereed)
  Ji Soo Lim:
The Development of Measurement of Empathy in Digital Games
  Yujin Park, Myungsun Kim, Sunyoung Keum, Gahyun Sung:
Analysis of Learners’ Perception on the SPAT Format as a Delivery Method in Mobile Learning
  Xin Hu, Haruo Kurokami:
A Comparison of Media Literacy in Urban and Rural Middle School Students
  Yibo Fan:
Use the AMP Tool to Characterize Pedagogical Approaches Taken by MOOC Courses in Mainland China
  Kitty Hino: Over the Rainbow:
Collaborative Video Project for Cross Cultural Learning